Thursday, 11 April 2013


 It's the Easter hols (holidays) and Saturday I came back from Wales!!!! On Saturday 30th March it took about 12 hrs to get to Wales well at least to the place we were staying (it was called Trem-Y-Mor). We stayed and had fun in Wales for one whole week.
 Day 1: We went to Penrhyn castle and Caernarfon castle the first castle we went to we had to wait ages because it took forever to open, and when it did open there was an Easter egg trail we had to find letters on wooden Easter eggs and put them into two words as well as answer about 12 questions it was fun and not just because you got an Easter egg at the end. The next castle we didn't stay as long as we did at the first one but we stayed a while.
 Day 2: On Monday the 1st April we went to Llechwedd slate caverns and went on the deep mine thingy majiggy it was cool because in bits it was pitch black but when the audio thing started light lit up bits and pieces of the cavern.
 Day 3: Tuesday, we went to Conwy and Betswy-coed but Betwsy was kind of small, in Conwy we went to yet another castle and did some stuff. Wednesday was fun but Conwy didn't have many shops and  it was a slightly shorter day than I would have liked it to be.
 Day 4: Wednesday, We went for our walk to Llanberis. I ended up climbing a hill then back down half way and back up again when we finally reached Llanberis, we had a look around and then walked all the way back to our accomodation and got in our car and drove back to Llanberis with less stuff to have a curry for dinner it was delicious.
 Day 5: Thursday, that day we went to Waunfawr and I learnt how to play pool it was fun. The place in Waunfawr we went to was a pub called The Snowdonia Parc, it was right next to a train station and we had arranged to go on the Welsh highland railway, we stopped at lots of places but finally we ended up at Pothmadog which was at the end of the welsh highlands railway line.
 Day 6: The last day before we leave for home again. Today we went to Pothmadog to go on the Ffestiniog railway line, it would take us to Blaenau Ffestiniog and back again. I didn't see much point if we weren't going to explore Blaenau Ffestiniog, but if we did it then there must have been a point.

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