Thursday, 13 December 2012

It's COLD!!!!!!

In winter many a person is cold and that is what it is like now its just FREEZING! No matter where you are unless you are in school or at home with the heating on everywhere as I said CCCCCCCCCCOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Book Reveiw: Flood and Fang, Raven Mysteries

This book is about a family called the Otherhands their names are Minty, Lady Otherhand, Valevine, Lord Otherhand Solstice a young girl, Cudweed a young boy and their pets Edgar Solstices pet raven, very intelligent and Cudweeds pet monkey, Fellah.

I liked this book because of what it was about and the suttleness of it all put together in to just one amazing story. I also liked this book because it had many an adventure throughout the tale of floods and one long fang.