Wednesday, 7 August 2013


I'm ever so sorry about having not posted in ages but I've been awfully busy doing loads of stuff.three weeks ago me and my family including our new family member Dexter drove all the way to Kelmarsh we stayed there for a weekend selling mine and my mums stuff. for money(obviously) cha ching- but I didn't sell anything which made me sad, but in the least like every time I had FUN!


on Friday 12th July - Sunday 14th July I was in a great big field that had grass with very itchy dust and it was    scolding hot I was wearing black shoes and my feet were burning! my dog Dexter even had to wear a wet piece of cloth as you will have probably seen posted on Facebook by my mum. It was called Tewksbury I had loads of fun -and ice-cream! But even though it was fun I couldn't wait to get home.