Monday, 28 January 2013


At school, this term I have been learning about the Tudors in history. Due to this fact I crocheted a Tudor Rose it was hard easy and fun : )

Sunday, 20 January 2013

A great weekend!

I'm making a micrometer
Ally Pally I believe is probably some sort of short way of saying Alexandra Palace but who cares. At the moment that is irrelevant at the moment that is complete poppy-cock, and now i'm talking rubbish.
Okay I'll start over again so on Sunday the 20th I, with my family of course, went in the snow to Ally Pally or if you prefer Alexandra Palace. At Ally Pally I was bought a gadget pen. It had an LED light on one end and a stylus for a gadget on the other. I would have preferred to have had the one with a screw driver, laser pointer, ultra violet light, LED reading light (other one had this), and a pen I liked the thought of possibly having a laser pointer but never mind the one have is still very nice also I actually made a micrometer it was fun too! The micrometer turned out to be rather easy, for me at least, but it was the fun that counts!


Imagineering is a sort of engineering club for children aged 8 to 12 and they'd like to have some more children joining in with it.
The Micrometer I made
Now then I believe this bit on Ali Pally is done now on to crochet. On Saturday, I learnt to crochet and I've been making little 4" squares for a new pillow or cushion case. I think they look rather nice, to me they do look oh so pretty!
These are some of the Granny squares that i've made. 
I want to make a quilt as well as the things that I have already mentioned.

Monday, 7 January 2013

My Great ol' Christmas

This christmas... No wait first I will list what I got.
  • A Nintendo DS lite
  • A violin! YAY!
  • Aset of a hat and neckwarmer made by my mum
  • A set of make up brushes
  • A nail kit
  • A scarf
  • some gloves
  • A sequin thingy
  • A purse with £6 in it
  • A quilling book
  • A violin book
  • A where's wally annual
  • A set of three lip glosses
  • A set of sylvanian families
And some other stuff so as you can see my christmas was amazing but less about presents more about about my christmas! This Christmas I visited my cousins and my auties and uncles during that time I also had great fun! So thank happiness for all the fun and joy I have had and I think it was wonderful to see my relatives, on both sides of the family that is, once again. Thank you also for reading this and I am very sorry that christmas is over so have a nice year and please comment on new years resoloutions bye!