Monday, 7 January 2013

My Great ol' Christmas

This christmas... No wait first I will list what I got.
  • A Nintendo DS lite
  • A violin! YAY!
  • Aset of a hat and neckwarmer made by my mum
  • A set of make up brushes
  • A nail kit
  • A scarf
  • some gloves
  • A sequin thingy
  • A purse with £6 in it
  • A quilling book
  • A violin book
  • A where's wally annual
  • A set of three lip glosses
  • A set of sylvanian families
And some other stuff so as you can see my christmas was amazing but less about presents more about about my christmas! This Christmas I visited my cousins and my auties and uncles during that time I also had great fun! So thank happiness for all the fun and joy I have had and I think it was wonderful to see my relatives, on both sides of the family that is, once again. Thank you also for reading this and I am very sorry that christmas is over so have a nice year and please comment on new years resoloutions bye!

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  1. What New Year resolutions have you made ? :)